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In situations where the talent requires flexibility of movement or when mics need to be cleverly concealed, your choice of microphone can make or break the performance. d:screet™ Miniature Microphones and accessories are products designed for professional sound reproduction.
d:screet™ Miniature Microphones are extremely flexible and can be used for both speech and vocal pick up. Their sound quality, versatility and durability allow them to perform amazingly in a wide range of applications. They are well-known and well-loved theater microphones. Musicians and engineers use them as live or studio microphones for close miking acoustic string instruments. In broadcast, these small condenser mics are popular as lavalier, lapel and tie clip microphones.

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The legacy d:screet™ Miniature Microphones have always been, and still are, some of the most clear, consistent and robust miniature microphones you can find on the market. They are known for working across a wide dynamic range as well as exhibiting low distortion across all SPLs. But, if you need to squeeze a little more performance out of your mics, choose CORE.

CORE is a powerful new technology at the heart of DPA miniature microphones. We’ve minimized distortion. From a whisper to a scream, you will experience increased clarity and openness.

CORE is available for select models of d:screet™ Miniature Microphones as well as d:fine™ Headset Microphones Series.  Learn more about CORE


​With very low noise and an extremely high sensitivity, d:screet™ Miniature Microphones offer the most clear, transparent and natural sound available on the miniature mic market.

The mics are capable of handling up to 154 dB peak before clipping. With a linear response, low distortion and an extremely large dynamic range, they sound great no matter the application.


d:screet™ Miniature Microphones are designed to withstand the toughest of conditions.

Our unique Double Vent Protection System allows for a great resistance to humidity and sweat. On our d:screet™  Miniature Omnidirectional Microphones we have added a reinforced cable relief which is built to withstand the constant twists, bends, and pulls that are part of the everyday use. With a gold-treated diaphragm and microphone housing plus a Kevlar-reinforced cable, the d:screet™ Series is made to endure.


A huge selection of accessories are available for the d:screet™ series.

The variety of accessories and mounting options available for the d:screet™ Miniature Microphones lets you place your microphones accurately, easily and stylishly for optimal results.

See the accessories available for d:screet™ Miniature Microphones


Various d:screet™ Microphone Kits are available.

These kits give you exactly what you need so that you can easily use d:screet™ Miniature Microphones on your specific assignment. They contain a range of relevant accessories, nestled in a handy box so you can easily keep track of things. We have kits for use in film production, instrument close miking, ENG/EFP applications and stereo miking.

See the kits in the d:screet™ Miniature Microphone series


The adapters for wireless systems give you flexible, simple and affordable possibilities. You are no longer bound to one wireless system. As circumstances change, you can just switch your adapter, instead of incurring the cost of a whole new microphone. And when you make the switch, you won't hear any loss or change in sound quality due to the narrow production tolerances of the mics.

The d:fine™, d:screet™ and d:vote™ series of miniature microphones work with all leading wireless mic solutions, such as Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Wisycom, Zaxcom and many more. DPA Microphones’ ingenious adapter system is one of a kind in the industry. It protects your investment in fantastic sound for years to come.

Find the adapter that fits your wireless system


In situations where the talent requires flexibility of movement or when mics need to be cleverly concealed, the d:screet™ Miniature Microphones series should be the first you turn to for a great performance.

d:screet™ Miniature Microphones and accessories are products designed for professional sound reproduction in broadcast, film, installation and field applications. They are also ideal for close miking a wide range of instruments.


Often, these small, versatile mics are concealed on the body to capture the best possible sound for film and TV productions as well as on the theater stage.

Bodyworn d:screet™ Miniature Microphones allow you to ensure repeatable, superior sound quality, unseen by the audience. They come in a range of variants, including the virtually invisible d:screet™ Slim Series, which can meet your special concealment needs.

Combine the d:screet™ 4060 Omnidirectional Microphone with the flexible Gooseneck Mount, for an unobtrusive plant mic that offers clean, detailed and natural sound quality. This mic is designed to pick up softer sound levels or for picking up ambient sound, so it is ideal to use in a concealed application for film sound recordists.

DPA Microphones on Broadway


Even when used in the toughest theater conditions, Bodyworn d:screet™ Miniature Microphones ensure that the talent sounds amazing.

The d:screet™ Miniature Microphone series delivers a range of variants that can meet your special needs, but common to all of them is their excellence at functioning at high or low SPL, and in humidity, heat and dusty conditions. They can be relied upon to deliver high-quality output with pristine detail and low noise. You don’t have to take our word for it either: 95% of West End London theater productions can’t be wrong.

Reporter with 4080 lav


These mini mics can easily be positioned on the wardrobes of news reporters, television personalities and talent show guests.

These mics are designed to compensate for the potential loss of vocals when place on clothing (often on the chest) and can additionally block out undesired sounds to ensure the clearest audio production. d:screet™ Miniature Microphones can be used in almost any type of broadcast situation because they are very tough and come with a large number of accessories, which makes them very versatile.

Podium mic in church


Bodyworn d:screet™ Miniature Microphones are a great solution for pastors and speakers who move around a lot and need a microphone that allows them the freedom to deliver a riveting sermon. There are a variety of miniature mics that can be worn comfortably on the body that will meet these needs.

One simple yet effective option is the d:screet™ Necklace Microphone. This mic is the best choice for a “do-it-yourself” option. Nothing is easier to use; it simply attaches around the neck and sits there comfortably no matter how the wearer moves. With low noise and high sensitivity, the d:screet™ Necklace Microphone offers clear, transparent, and natural sound in a fast, repeatable way. Another easy-to-use solution is the d:screet™ 4080 Miniature Cardioid Microphone, Lavalier.

Amplifying choirs can be a major challenge but properly-placed d:screet™ SC4098 Supercardioid Podium Microphones, is one way to resolve this issue. Place the d:screet™ SC 4098 either on mic stands or suspend them from the ceiling. Point the capsules to the last row of singers. The directional pick-up pattern will attenuate the sounds to the side and produce a natural balance between the nearest (loudest but attenuated) and the furthest (weakest level, but performing to the microphones most sensitive direction).

d:Screet mic on violin


An ideal close-miking solution for a wide variety of musical instruments.

d:screet™ Miniature Microphones offer a very clean, detailed and natural sound quality. The mics are capable of handling up to 154 dB peak before clipping, and have a linear response, low distortion and an extremely large dynamic range, perfect for capturing the unique resonances of any instrument. Combine the lo-sens d:screet™ 4061 Omnidirectional Microphone with a GM1600 Gooseneck Mount and an appropriate instrument clip if you are after a very unobtrusive microphone with a big sound.


The d:screet™ Miniature Microphones series comes in a wide range of variants that can meet your needs no matter your assignment. There are both omnidirectional and directional variants in the series.

The variety of mounting options available in d:screet™ Miniature Kits and accessories lets you place your microphones accurately, easily and stylishly for optimal results.

d:screet™ SLIM SERIES

If you need to couple complete invisibility with amazing sound, the d:screet™ Slim Series, is exactly what you are looking for.

These mics are perfect for your film assignment or for any other situation where you need a completely hidden microphone. The d:screet™ Slim Omnidirectional Microphone is flat and short with a cable that runs perpendicular to the sound inlet, ensuring easy mounting and a tiny footprint. When used with the detachable Button-Hole Mount or Concealer, it becomes completely invisible. With sound on par with DPA’s classic d:screet™ Omnidirectional Miniature Microphones, you can be sure that the d:screet™ Slim Series will not disappoint.


Designed for demanding situations, such as theater, broadcast and live presentations.

d:screet™ Miniature Omnidirectional Microphones are unobtrusive and feature capsules that offer excellent vocal detail and resolution. They are durable and flexible; able to withstand the toughest and most demanding conditions. If you require extra durability and security, heavy-duty versions – featuring stainless steel housing, heavy-duty cable relief and a thicker cable – are available for some variants.


Featuring the legendary d:screet™ 4061 Omnidirectional Miniature Capsule mounted in a soft rubber necklace, this mic offers fast, repeatable and do-it-yourself mounting. It is the perfect choice for actors on reality shows, pastors in Houses of Worship and speakers in conference settings.

Read more about d:screet™ Necklace Microphone


In some challenging acoustic environments a directional microphone, placed on the chest of the talent is the best choice.

In these situations, the d:screet™ Miniature Cardioid Microphone for lavalier placement (as a lapel mic), captures the human voice with an unusually high degree of definition. They are extremely well suited for broadcast, conference, and other live performances in the studio or in the field.

Read more about d:screet™ 4080 Miniature Cardioid Microphone


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